Creating the Perfect Sex Dungeon

When you’re picking up chicks left and right from clubs and internet dating sites meant for sex, it’s important to have the ultimate sex dungeon to bring them back to. Also, if you are picking up girls left and right from online sex finder dating sites, you better learn about sex finder scams list. It is imperative that you learn more about sex finder dating sites before picking up a girl from one of these sites. Once, you have finalized and picked up the girl, you should focus on where to bring this girl back to. You could have a literal dungeon, like with the basement and the chains and everything, or you could just convert your bedroom into one. It depends on how literally you want to take it. We’re going to assume that you just want to make your bedroom into your lair and go with that. You might think that you have the essentials (nice sheets, a couple kinds of lube, and condoms), but that doesn’t even begin to cover it. There are a myriad of things you need to have to impress any girl you bring home, and then a few extra bells and whistles if you really want to knock her flat (on her back, you should hope). So, what makes a sex dungeon truly impressive?

The Atmosphere


“Set a romantic atmosphere”

That sounds a little girly, but it’s actually really important. Having the wrong atmosphere can totally make or break the mood! Right now you’re probably thinking of shag carpet, velvet sheets, Marvin Gaye playing in the background…no, not that kind of atmosphere. This isn’t a shagging wagon; this is a modern playboy’s domain that you want to create!! If she comes in and your room looks like somewhere the Beatles hung out, she isn’t going to be too impressed. Instead, class it up with some nice, plain sheets, nix the shag carpet, and keep your iPod dock handy. Play music with a good beat to it, whether it’s rock, techno, or just top 40 stuff. Don’t make it too loud (you want to hear her moan, right?), but keep it so you can hear it and match the tempo while you two go at it.


“Using dungeon candles can really scare her”

Candles are always nice accents, but don’t go overboard – this is a sex dungeon, not a séance. Too many candles make it look creepy, so just have a few in nice candleholders and call it good. Aromatherapy candles are always a great bet, but make sure the smells don’t clash! You can’t have vanilla with pine needle scent mixing in the air; it’s just gross. Go for something more masculine and musky like sage – it smells good and heady smells get her in the mood to be naughty. If you’d rather go by lamplight or in the dark, then the candles just make a nice addition to your décor. Create a harem-like setting by lighting incense instead! Incense isn’t just for teenagers trying to cover up the smell of pot; the thick smell makes your room seem just like an Indian sex den. This exotic display will get her more than ready to take it off, and you won’t have to worry about finding girls for sex on those internet dating sites – they’ll be flocking to you! Take pictures to share online and watch as the girls come pouring in. If you’re worried about the rest of your room’s design, simplicity is the key. Too many patterns in your fabrics make your room seem feminine, so keep it clean. Have one or two accent pieces, and just have flat colors for everything else. You shouldn’t be worrying about what patterns are “in” this season – just worry about making your room comfy!

The Supplies


“Make sure to stack up your sex dungeon with all kinds of supplies”

This is the fun part – having all the supplies for a great night with your girl from the internet dating sites for sex is crucial when you’re trying to blow her mind. It’s not just about lubes and condoms anymore; a true playboy will have everything she might ever desire for a great night with her man. For those nights when you just want to keep it simple, have a variety of lubes and such to choose from. If you go to your local sex shop, you’ll see that they have a huge number of kinds to choose from. There are self-heating lubes that get her all fired up are always a good choice, but there are also kinds to keep cold, kinds that have certain properties in them that help her be more stimulated, kinds with flavors, anything you could think of! It’s a good idea to buy a large variety so that she has a lot of options – not to mention it makes you seem like you’re pretty well versed in this kind of thing. Having a few flavored lubes is a good idea too; because it encourages her to try them out for herself…you know where she’ll try it. Come on, the logic is flawless.For those dirty girls, purchasing some anal lube and numbing gel is a good idea. Having the supplies handy makes her more willing to go for it, too – luck favors the prepared, my friend! There is also a bevy of condoms to pick – anywhere from ribbed to glow in the dark! Get a lot of those, too, because condoms are essential and she should be able to have the kinds she prefers. Not to mention the glow in the dark ones are always fun to play around with (but don’t play Jedi with them…just don’t).


“Now, that’s a modern sex dungeon”

Be prepared for those raunchy nights when you bring home a totally smoking girl off the internet sites for dating that you found for sex; they won’t always want it slow and sweet! Spice things up by having a variety of toys for her to pick from to play with. Rabbit vibrators are a girl’s best friend – not only do they go inside her, the nib on the outside stimulates her clit as well for a gateway to pleasure town. Tease her and please her with small clitoris vibrators, or make her beg with nipple clamps. Regular vibrators or dildos shapes like the real thing make for good foreplay, and are an excellent way to get her stretched out beforehand without tiring out your fingers. If you’re kinkier, investing in some bondage gear is never a bad plan. At least purchase a ball gag, blindfold, whip, and handcuffs (which will come in any basic bondage beginner kit). To really impress her, spring for the real leather stuff and throw in a few harnesses and even a strap-on if pegging is your thing. As far as adding on to your décor…well, if you don’t have many non-female visitors and your parents don’t stop by often, there are a few fixtures that really pull together your sex dungeon. Having a sex swing in the corner is always nice, and she’ll be dying to try it out – chances are she won’t have seen one before. They’re easy to install, but do leave holes in the ceiling that might be suspicious if you have guests. A stripper pole is easier to put away and set up, as the technology behind it is similar to shower rods – just adjust it to fit the ceiling height and it stays up sturdy, but taking it down is a cinch. This handy pole will bring out her stripper side, and it’s likely that you’ll get a good show just for having it. No need to ask! Keeping these fixtures in your room and your drawers well-stocked with supplies will have girls coming again and again (literally!).

Guide on How to Invest in Startups

Investors know that they can get rich by investing in the right startups. If the company becomes famous, investors will earn several times the amount that they initially invested. This scenario is possible. However, in most cases, startups will not achieve success and end up failing. Investing in a startup means handling the risk and finding the right investment opportunity. Here is a quick guide on how to invest in startups.

1.) Invest in your own company. Think of a good business idea and start your own company. This can be very rewarding, yet it is also very risky. The good thing about being the owner is that you control what happens. Remain hopeful that your hard work will pay off. As long as you have the right idea and you have good business skills, you can be very profitable when you invest in your own startup.

2.) Be an angel investor. As an angel investor, you take a stake in a certain company and get investment in return. This is perfect for people who have money to invest but are not willing to set up their own company. Being an angel investor is not as risky as starting your own company since you can find other angel investors and combine funds in order to spread the risk among the group.

Investment Advisor Startup

Investment Advisor Startup

3.) Invest your funds in an industry that you are knowledgeable about. Look for an industry that is familiar to you. That way, you will know if it is a good idea or not. Since you have background about the sector, you no longer need to spend too much time doing research. Remember that it is not wise to invest in something that you know nothing about.

4.) Find a venture capital group and invest through them. Make sure to a firm that has an excellent track record. These groups are experienced in startups, so investing through them is worth a consideration.

Investing in a startup does not guarantee results. Also, profits do not come in an instant. It may take some time before profits start to come in. It may take years, and some may have none at all. There are a lot of factors that affect the company’s growth. The existing market conditions, presence of competitors, and changing technology all play essential roles on what will happen to a startup. In many cases, the startup cannot control these factors. Thus, it is important to be patient when investing in a startup.

Investment Club Startup Guide

Investment Club Startup Guide

Becoming rich is possible through startups. Just remember though that it is a long process and you may end up getting nothing in return. Although a lot of risks are involved, you can definitely improve your chances of being successful by doing research and knowing your options. Finally, make sure to invest your funds in the right startup regardless of whether you choose to start your company, become an angel investor, or invest through venture capital groups.

Introducing Your New Girlfriend or Boyfriend Easily to Your Kids

There comes a point in the life of a parent when he/she is forced to take care of the kids on their own. Whether it was an accident or divorce, single parents must deal with the problem of taking care of the family. But when a single parent decides to start dating again, they face yet another problem to their ever growing list of responsibilities: how to introduce a new boyfriend or girlfriend to the kids. This may seem trivial at first, but being in the same situation can be rough and often times troubling for most single parents. Luckily, there are a lot of single parents who’ve manage to break out of the stage of introducing a new relationship to the family, and they have proven to be effective most of the time. If you happen to be a single parent who faces the same exact problem, here are some tips on how to introduce a new girlfriend or boyfriend to your kids.

1. Be Sure of Your Relationship

Before telling your children that you have another special person in your life, you must make sure that the relationship is legitimate. You should ask yourself questions that can validate the relationship. Is he/she the right person for yourself and for your family? Is the special someone of your life truly in love with you, and vice versa? Are they financially stable enough to provide for yourself or themselves in case things get serious? Is your relationship stable and happy? These are the questions that single parents must face before even considering introducing their special someone to their kids. That way, you’re kids will see how confident and that you all deserve another person in your life.

How to Introduce Your Kids to

How to Introduce Your Kids to

2. Make the Introduction as Slowly as Possible

The trick into getting to introduce your relationship with your special someone to your kids is to break it to them gently. That way, the child won’t get shocked and uncomfortable with you being with them. To do this, you may start by mentioning them through name dropping, or through small talk. And always mention them as a friend and not a lover. That way, your child is aware that you have a friend. Give them some time to be familiarized with this person through small talk, and never mention anything romantic for children can notice this and might get jealous early on.

As time goes on and your

As time goes on and your

3. Consider the Age of Your Child

There are different ways to handle differences in the child’s age when introducing a new girlfriend or boyfriend. Children age’s three to ten are sometimes innocent enough to accept new people as friends, but not friendly enough to accept new people as your lover, for young children to see them as a replacement parent. Children age’s twelve and above can readily understand what relationships are, and often times they can understand your relationship with another person. But there are times when teenagers tend to rebel with their parents, and parents should anticipate this at some point on their growth. The technique here is to start early and consistently so that your children can accept this easily.

How to Make a Healthy and Tasty Raw Greens Smoothie?

Raw green smoothies have come to the lime light that they are indeed a powerhouse of nutrients. Whether one wants to maintain a healthy look, to cut down weight or to revitalize the body, raw smoothies becomes a worthy component of the diet. Vegan lifestyles have also embraced the use of raw green smoothies as compared to juicing since the latter gets rid of some of the components that healthcare professionals point out to be very vital for a healthy lifestyle.

Why use raw green smoothies?

Needless to say, putting the kales, spinach and chipped cabbages right into the oven degrades some of the highly beneficial nutrients that they contain. Phytochemicals which are known to be ardent body detoxifies and some vitamins are adversely degraded by such heat or cooking radiations which eventually cut down the bulk of beneficial nutrients contained in the greens. Additionally, the body has no defined mechanism of storing vitamins and phytochemicals contained in the leafy greens and hence only frequent intake can suffice the body needs. This explains why someone who has been taking smoothies posses a smoother skin that is free from acne, an energized body and an overall healthy look.

What is needed to make a healthy, delicious raw green smoothie?

Greens are known to be rich in vitamins, minerals, photochemical components and fiber, but their raw taste tends to keep people away. This makes it worthwhile to add some fruits into the blender along with the greens to make the smoothie more taste friendly. Some of the fruits commonly used are bananas, lemon, pineapples, berries, apples, oranges, grapes, water melon to mention just but a few. These fruits also tend to cancel out the green chlorophyll look, making the smoothie look more colorful and tasty which adds the urge for this healthy drink.

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

Healthy Green Smoothie Recipe

Herbs such as plantain, peppermint, comfrey flowers and leaves, aloe gel, horsetail and dandelion leaves among others may also be added into the green smoothie for additional components that have curative or disease prevention capacities.

Checking your ratios

Ideally, a nice smoothie of raw greens needs to have a well calculated ratio of the leafy greens and the fruits. In most cases, a 50-50 veggies to fruit ratio by weight is considered to be the best but starters may begin with a high fruit to veggies ratio as they get accustomed to the raw greens taste. When the herbs are included, using a more fruits is highly recommended to counteract the mild bitter taste of some of the herbs.

The amount of water used added is highly dependent on the type of fruits used. For instance, bananas and apples have less water as compared to pineapple and berries and thus more water may be required when the smoothie is made from “drier” fruits. However, the smoothies needs to be a bit viscous so that the fine fiber content can be well contained in the smoothie without the feel of irritating free fibers in the smoothie when one is drinking it.

Green Smoothie Revolution: How

Green Smoothie Revolution: How

Nonetheless, many people mistakenly consider smoothies to be only for people struggling to lose weight but in the real sense, it’s the diet plan that goes along with the smoothies that really defines whether one will lose weight, maintain weight or add some more pounds. All in all, green smoothies create a healthy body irrespective of the desired end results.

The Variety of Way You Can Invest in Real Estate

Investing in real estate is still considered as one of the best ways to build wealth – but only if applied with the right kind of wisdom. Traditionally, investing in real estate is limited only to the idea of buying your home with the hope that it grows in value overtime so you could cash on some capital gains. Perhaps you are an individual who doesn’t have access to a home loan and it might take a while before you even qualify, the thought of investing in real estate may start to become just a distant dream for you. Good thing that in the past years or so, there had been other means to invest in real estate even to the average individual and with a lot less complication. Here are just a few suggestions:

Buying a real estate stock. If you are into investing, chances are you’ve bought in one or two securities to own. If so, then make sure you add a real estate security in the mix. You can buy different companies specializing in certain types of real estate to diversify this part of your investment.

Investing in REIT. Real Estate Investment Trust or REIT is a kind of security that sells like stocks in major stock market. These securities invest in real estate directly often in diverse categories like hotels, shopping mall, resorts, hospitals, office rentals, apartments and warehouses. Since this type of real estate investment generates cash flow through rentals or mortgages, the stock owner of a REIT earns a regular dividend from his investment.

Investing in Sector Mutual Funds specializing in Real Estate. If you’re cash limited, you cannot buy a lot of real estate securities all at once. You may have to wait until you have enough to buy securities again. With a mutual fund, you can invest even a small amount of money. Your money is combined with other investor’s money to create a pool of fund, thus the name “mutual fund”. This pool of fund, managed by a fund manager, now creates a buying power for the mutual fund enabling it to buy as many shares of stocks of different real estate companies in various categories. The result: you instantly become part owner of these real estate companies that the mutual fund invests into.

invest in real estate the

invest in real estate the

Real Estate Investment Groups. If rental property appeals to you but wish to shy away with the hassle of being a landlord, then participating in a real estate investment group may be a good option for you. A real estate investment group is managed and offered by a company, where they buy or build condos or apartment blocks and sell them to interested investors through the company. An investor can buy one, two or multiple units as he wishes then allows the company to manage the advertising of these units for rental. The company will also take care of qualifying the prospective tenants and maintenance of the units. In return, the investor, or the now owner of the units will pay the company a percentage of the rental as management fee.

Joining a Real Estate

Joining a Real Estate

4 Things To Keep In Mind To Make Money On The Side While Keeping A Day Job

Do you know that for some, a part time job is the best job a person can have? This is because, often times, part time jobs are born out from your hobby. This is something that you love doing; something that you do for fun. However, as much as you would want to do it all the time, you have to keep your day job – a job that entails stability and constant pay every 15 days.

Fortunately for you, you can work both your day job and part time job. Not easy, but if you know how to do it, you will not only have a constant pay twice a month, you will also have that extra job. So, how to do it without choosing one job to the other? Here are some tips for you to ponder about:

1. Set time for everything. You know, time is the most important commodity in keeping both your part time and fulltime job. Yeah, so you already listed out what you need to do in your google calendar for your part time job. But did you put your fulltime tasks there as well? How about you personal time? Yes, whatever you do, block it in your calendar. This way you don’t get to overlap tasks. This is also the best way to see if you can fit in some part time job between your full time jobs like breaks. This would depend on what type of day job you have. Set an open time too for emergency tasks, some overtime or just plainly for the family.

The day job: Kitty Mansfield

The day job: Kitty Mansfield

2. Don’t forget work ethics. They key term here is to keep your day job. While you might be tempted of doing your part time job while working, you must not use your day job working time and resources just so you can do your part time unless it is your break time. If you are in between tasks or you have no pressing things to do for your day job, find something you can do to keep yourself from working your part time tasks. You have to stick with the schedule you blocked out in your calendar.

3. Discipline. In everything that you do, nothing will ever be accomplished if you have not disciplined yourself to follow your plans. If you have set your time, follow it through no matter what unless there are emergencies. And emergencies doesn’t happen every day so if you find yourself slacking on a set task on a set time, you have to symbolically slap your face and put yourself right on the track. The thing is that if you want to be organized, you just need to discipline yourself and stop listening to those little voices saying “You can always do that later…” because the truth is that later has a lot of things in store as well. So, be disciplined.

4. Take a rest. You know, you won’t be productive if you push yourself too hard. You have to set a day as a rest day to spend with family. You know, it can be addicting to just work and work especially if you want to improve your part time status and do it fulltime someday. But always keep in mind that you are working for a reason and that reason is so that you have money to spend for your family. If you are still single, then spend your rest day to have fun. If you don’t take a rest, you will be stressed out and what you started as fun becomes too much of a work. Besides, you have to take care of yourself too, health wise. You only live one lifetime, don’t squander it just by working alone. Connect with other people, bond with love ones and set time to have fun.

Here are some articles that can help you make more money at your current job

Here are some articles that can help you make more money at your current job

It is no unusual these days to have both a day job and a part time with all the opportunities you can find online these days. The thing is that you might sacrifice the quality of your work if you don’t set things right. But if you put these things into mind, you will go far and enjoy the best of both your part time and day job.

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